Toyota Corolla DX - 1982 Boxtype

Toyota Corolla 1982 DX - Boxtype

Fourth Generation (E70)

Toyota Corolla DX 1982 Model is a major restyle made for South East Asian Countries, it was redesigned in March 1979 (square edged design) or a competitions with Mitsubishi Lancer and now a Toyota Corolla DX Boxtype. Toyota Corolla’s common design was a simpler treatment of the grill with headlamps and rear lamps edge style. Toyota Corolla DX made with a new A series engines for the range a complete change and for the series of models to come. This was the last model to use the K and T series engines.

History of Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla models are in line of subcompact and compact sedan cars manufactured by Japanese Company Automaker Toyota. Toyota Corolla models become very popular in the whole world since it was tagged introduced in 1966. For the Past 40 years Toyota Corolla models is sold for an average of 1 per 40 seconds, every series are made for new and several redesigns. The name of Corolla is a part of Toyota Motors tradition of naming cars as Crown. Corolla is a latin name for a small crown.

Toyota Corolla models are manufactured in Japan and in several countries distributed or assembled in neighboring countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, China and India, most common assembly Toyota cars are in Taiwan, Thailan and United Kingdom. Production in United States was ended in March 2010.

Toyota Corolla’s early models were mostly rear wheel drive and later models are in front wheel,
customize models are also made with 4 wheel drives. The first generation of Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1966 with the new 1100cc engine and later where redefined as Corolla Sprinter in 1968. The Second Generation Toyota Corolla was made in the year 1970 with E20 engine restyled with more rounded body and the newly introduced 1400 cc T and 1600 cc 2T OHV engine were added to the range. The Toyota Corolla Third Generation was introduced in  April 1974 with more rounder, bigger and heavier structur. The range was rounded out with the addition of a two-door hatchback.