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Isuzu Gemini - 1985

Isuzu Gemini
A very popular taxi cab in Manila, however it is used as private vehicle by some companies in Philippines due to its very economical diesel engine.Isuzu cars like Gemini are known with tough quality body and engines, since it was made in Japan, its parts are very common and sure quality are proven. Isuzu Gemini was a compact sedan car first release to the market in the year 1974 with four door and two door sedan and coupe style, the first of its engine was called PF50 and later it comes with 1.8liter and diesel engine PFD60.
Isuzu Gemini was also common in Japan, Isuzu designed a version of sports feature named Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R, this is equipped with Isuzu G180W 8 valve Engine with fuel injection.

In 1980 – 1985, the well-known Isuzu Gemini reached on its top sales in Philippines. Commonly it was use for taxi cabs from huge taxi companies in Philippines, also traders and companies takes an advantage of having this cars because of its diesel engine and can save gasoline cost…

Ford Cortina 1982

It was then one of the popular car in Philippines during the time of President Marcos. Ford Cortina was imported to Philippines during 1982 considered as small family car in Great Britain, however in Philippines it is considered as big sedan car.
The Ford Cortina was sold to mass market extremely well, it was common to Europe but not in other Asian countries, it was proposed to be distributed in Philippines because of the Spanish influences.
Ford Cortina can accommodate tight maximum passengers for more than 5, and its compartment capacity can accommodate at least 4 large luggage. During 80’s most of this vehicles are used to steel materials by private organizations and even human beings can hide to its huge compartment.
The Ford Cortina was produced in five series models named from Mark I to V (1 to 5) and later the last model was named as Ford Cortina 80. In Europe, Ford Cortina’s design was similar to Ford Taunus where in America it is named as Ford Taurus. Some Body parts are share…

Mercedes Benz 240-D (1974)

The Mercedes-Benz, a very popular, luxurious and Obsessive Car Brand. The Mercedes-Benz were introduced in Philippines after the Americans reduced their imports of American cars, one of the successful market car distributed was the Mercedes-Benz 240d were as popularly known in Europe as W115 models.
These models are a series of coupes and sedans introduced in the year 1968 by German Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, and a series of production and distribution to the whole world till 1976 with names designed printed on the Engines.
Mercedes-Benz 240D also known as W115 models specified with 4 cylinder engines and distributed in a model series from 200, 220, 230 and 240. All of those Mercedes-Benz were features as a three box design or popularly known in Asia as sedan box type vehicle. Later the Mercedes-Benze designs were given categories with S-Class.
Mercedes-Benz 240D models are part of Mercedes-Benz market as a new model range or cars “New Generation Models” which started in 1968. Major…

Toyota Corolla DX - 1982 Boxtype

Toyota Corolla 1982 DX - Boxtype
Fourth Generation (E70)
Toyota Corolla DX 1982 Model is a major restyle made for South East Asian Countries, it was redesigned in March 1979 (square edged design) or a competitions with Mitsubishi Lancer and now a Toyota Corolla DX Boxtype. Toyota Corolla’s common design was a simpler treatment of the grill with headlamps and rear lamps edge style. Toyota Corolla DX made with a new A series engines for the range a complete change and for the series of models to come. This was the last model to use the K and T series engines.

History of Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla models are in line of subcompact and compact sedan cars manufactured by Japanese Company Automaker Toyota. Toyota Corolla models become very popular in the whole world since it was tagged introduced in 1966. For the Past 40 years Toyota Corolla models is sold for an average of 1 per 40 seconds, every series are made for new and several redesigns. The name of Corolla is a part of Toyota Motors tr…

Ford Laser 1982


Release Date: Jan-1981
Max. Power: 54kW
Power to Weight Ratio: 15.93:1 kW/kg
Fuel Consumption: City(8L/100km), Hwy(5.6L/100km)
Dimensions: L(3960mm), H(1375mm), W(1630mm)
Towing Capacity: Brake(500kg)
Turning Circle: 9.2m

Ford Laser is compact car sedan release in the market by Ford in Asia, South America and Africa. Ford Laser has been manufactured to some other markets with convertible options and pick-up versions.

The 1982 1.5s Sports Edition, Ford Laser Hatchback was Ford’s Sports Star that captured the magic of Ford’s performance, value and competition.

Ford Laser 1982 features are equip with low profile radial ply tires, 5J steel wheels, sports handling suspension that included a front stabilizer bar and upgraded shock absorbers, 5-speed manual transmission, halogen headlamps, the unique black color design and body side molding, Super graphic body-side stripe, power mirrors and power door locks, front mudguard, skirt design guard, lo…

1979 Mitsubishi Celeste

The first and most Asian sporty vehicle that I ever seen during 80’s, because of its 2 long door specification and hatchback with rear blinds sporty spoiler, pinoy teens use this as their proud asset to impress girls (“Daming Napasagot Nito”). Mitsubishi Celeste is a redefined vehicle and complemented by liftback coupe in the concept of Mitsubishi Lancer.

During 1980’s with the succeeding Mitsubishi Galant FTO that was also named as new Model of Mitsubishi Celeste or aka Colt Celeste in some markets; it was sold as Mitsubishi Lancer Coupe in Australia, Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste in USA and Mitsubishi Arrow in Canada.

The Mitsubishi Celeste was originally available with 1.4 and 1.6 liter options, while a bigger 2.0 liter model was added in the latest models of 80’s. An even larger 2.6 liter four was available in USA in competition with Plymouth.

The Mitsubishi Celeste was face lifted in 1979, receiving shark front square headlights and bigger squarer bumpers. Production of the Mitsubishi…

Mistubishi Lancer 1976 L-Type

It was my first Dream car when I saw it in my Seaman Ninongs House, I was amazed with its L type rear lamp shape and the dressed up rear rise trunks with spoiler. Mitsubishi Lancer L Type was an upgraded type of the first Mitsubishi Lancer A70 1973 Model.

In L Type Mitsubishi Lancer models received a facelift and creating the L-shaped/upright rear lamps in favor of wide rectangular units. The Front indicators where enlarged and bigger rubber bumpers where made with new redefined engine grilles. This generation gradually became the A140 series in Japan with the introduction of new engine 4G32, the Lancer GSR was designed as A73 until the last generation lancer in spite of having bodywork modifications.

The existence of Mitsubishi Lancer L-Type was the series that emerged in the United States with its market competition to Dodge Colt for the 1977 model year. It was offered for one more model year before the Dodge Colt name was gradually transferred to the front wheel drive. The competiti…